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Company history

Link'O was set up in 1992 as a small private company, shortly after foundation of the Treaty concerning the European Union.

The European Commission acknowledged the business plan by honouring a one time grant from the European Community for female entrepreneurs, aiming to persuade local (semi)-government, banks, financers to support local initiatives. 

An independent provider for Orientation-, Relocation and Departure services to foreign companies and - employees seek to establish in the Netherlands was new, whereby international collaboration was searched for.

Link'O b.v. re-organised into private limited in 1998. Meanwhile (inter)national form was given to a pan-European Relocation Association, EuRA, that has grown into a true industry of professionals.

In 2013 the company split into holding and Link'O Orientation- and Relocation Support to continue to support all assignees with foreign employees here in the Netherlands, from over more then 60 countries.

I. Sindorff, founder

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