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Venturous all-round furniture craftsman/(ship)interior builder

After 'Green Profile" at Clusius College Castricum, study Venturous and 'allround' Furniture craftsman/(ship)interior builder at

HMC Amsterdam and Rotterdam - specialist in wooden music instruments  (MBO-4; 2020-2025). 

by Marleen Spiering, graduated in 2023, specialist pending -  © copyright applies

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Venturous all-round furniture craftsman/(ship)interior builder

  • Has knowledge about fine processing of wood, sheet material, plastic and other modern materials,

  • Can safely handle (hand)tools and machines,

  • Invents, designs, prepares and makes constructions and products

  • Executes the entire production process and directs other personnel in it and supervises as an enterprising all-round furniture maker, (ship) interior builder or wooden musical instrument builder,

  • Follows proper work preparation, including carrying out all administrative actions; keeping track of purchasing, preparing and executing quotations and orders,

  • Is active as an enterprising all-round artisan furniture maker, musical instrument builder, (ship) interior builder, set builder or stand builder, caretaker.

  • Can further qualify to Work planner furniture industry / (ship) interior builder or Technical manager,...


Workshop & activities

The activities of an enterprising all-round furniture maker / (ship) interior -, music instrument builder, take place in a furniture workshop, furniture factory, interior construction company, shipyard, studio or workshop as a furniture designer, cabinet maker, (ship) interior builder, musical instrument builder, CAD draftsman, set builder, work planner, entrepreneur, manager or co-worker manager. From a working drawing, furniture, interiors or parts of (ship) paneling and music instruments are made and often installed by ourselves. In addition, the production process in the workplace is monitored and the specialist is the point of contact for colleagues and work planners. Works completely independently and is accountable to management or management or client.

Expositions and trade events

Salone del Mobile Milano offers since 1989 the International Furnishing Accessoires Exhibition possibillities to market products.

Design District offers since 2002 the trade event for interieurdesign in the Netherlands.

HMC magazine-incl. HMC's Koen van Ast, Dutch Champion Furniture Craftsman for (World)Skills competition 2023

HMC 2023 - by Marleen Spiering -  Inventor AUTHOR Founder: KITHANO
HMC 2023 - by Marleen Spiering -  Inventor AUTHOR designer TV furniture, De La Mar (graduation project)
HMC 2023 - by Marleen Spiering -  Inventor AUTHOR:  TV dressoir, De La Mar.  Design and Manufactoring
HMC 2020 - by Stefanie de Deugd - sponsored graduation project
HMC 2020 - by Marleen Spiering  - 1st grade 
HMC 2022 - by Marleen Spiering  - 2nd grade
HMC-2020-expo14-leander Huizer.jpeg
HMC 2021 - by Timothy Moor - sponsored graduation project
HMC-2020 -expo0-Niels van der Eijk.jpg
HMC-2020 -expo4-Emma Treurniet.jpg
HMC 2020 - by Emma Treurniet - sponsored graduation project
HMC 2020 - by Niels van der Eijk - sponsored graduation project
HMC-2020 -expo5-Marloes van Helmond.jpg
HMC-2020 -expo8-Linde de Monchy.jpg
HMC 2020 - by Linde de Monchy - sponsored graduation project
HMC 2020 - by Marloes van Helmond sponsored graduation project
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